Grip-on manufactures the widest and most modern range of locking pliers & clamps worldwide.
Continually producing top quality and innovative tools to meet the growing demands of Welding, Metal Work, Maintenance, Pipe, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, DIY, Woodwork, Retail and Multi-use.

Clamping power on your hands

1) Predator jaws 48-51 HRc
Firm gripping, High durability

2) Forged connecting rod
50% additional clamping power

3) Ergonomic knob
Smoother and more accurate adjustment

4) Less releasing effort
Quick NO-PINCH powerful releasing when tools are firmly locked

5) Self centered rod & lever
keeps handles aligned. Ensures years of service

Epoxi resin finish

· Epoxy resin is approximately 10 times more corrosion resistant than nickel. In the automobile industry, it is a technology which has gradually replaced nickel and chrome allowing car manufacturers to grant a 6 year, or even 12 year, guarantee on the bodies.

· The qualities of epoxy resin ensure for a better coating in concealed or inner areas. I.e. the “Faraday effect” is minimised compared to nickel or chrome plating.

· The spreading of rust is much quicker below nickel plated surfaces than epoxy painted surfaces.

· An epoxy painted finish provides greater electrical insulation than nickel or chrome plating allowing greater resistance to welding pellets.

· A colour painted finish is more visible in the work place. This reduces the incidence of loss and can reduce the risk of injury.


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